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by Kirtan Choir

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Here are some shows that have been recorded over the years. Since 2005, this group has changed names and members quite a bit. At first it was The C.J. Boyd Sexxxtet, which was soon changed to simply The C.J. Boyd Sextet, and sometimes just The Sextet. As that group became less of an established roster, and more open to non-committal members, the group became known as Kirtan Choir. These years of late-Sextet / early Kirtan Choir included nearly one hundred people, always between two and 13 at a time. Some for just one show, some for years. Molly McDermott, CJ Boyd, and Dominique Hamilton began playing together during this open period of Kirtan Choir, but then changed their name to Kurva Choir. Dominique has since become an auxilliary member, with C.J. and Molly as the core of the group. In the wake of this emergence, the open-ended improv groupl with C.J. as the sole continual member was re-named simply Kirtan.


released January 1, 2006

Each of these shows were recorded between 2008 and the present.

4-18-09 @ WRVU (Nashville, TN) features:
C.J. Boyd - bass, harmonica, voice
Lauren Eison - violin, voice
Melody Holt - voice

All other shows feature:
C.J. Boyd - bass, harmonica, voice
Dominique Hamilton - viola, voice
Andrew Weathers - banjo, glockenspiel, voice





This experimental chamber orchestra approaches music with an ethos of minimalist, intimate, sonic simplicity. Listening for spaces between notes, they establish an egalitarian improvisational love of the whole sound rather than mere individuals.

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Track Name: 1-8-11 @ Haven (Baton Rouge, LA) 1/1
This is the one show from this tour in which I used a loop pedal. Andrew used ebow on his banjo as I did the same on my bass, and I looped them together.
Track Name: 1-1-11 @ Scott & Terra's home (Clarkston, GA) 2/2
This is the second of two improvisations done at the home of Scott Burland and Terra McVoy in Clarkston, GA (just outside of Atlanta) on January 1st, 2011. Scott plays along with Frank Schultz in Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel. Terra writes fiction for young adults. This concert was very nearly included on the album "Same River Twice", which features 4 shows from this tour. However, because "Same River Twice" is the third volume of the "In the All Together" series, which specifically features improvised nude music in atypical venues, we decided not to include this one both because the show was played clothed, and because a house is not all that atypical a venue. We play houses a good portion of the time. They're the perfect for the intimacy we love in music.